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School Improvement Council

The LMHS School Improvement Council meets monthly to discuss ways to make our school better. The SIC is made up of parents, students, teachers, and community members, as well as the principal and other ex-officio members.

SIC duties focus primarily on the school improvement process. SICs:

  • provide input and feedback during the development of the school's five-year renewal (improvement) plan and annual updates;
  • assist in implementation of school improvement programs and activities;
  • monitor and report on progress toward improvement goals in the annual SIC Report to the Parents and with the principal in the narrative to the SC School Report Card;
  • provide other assistance as requested by the principal.
SIC Handbook                    State SIC Website             SC SIC Annual Meeting Application
2016-2017 Officers
Chairman: Sharon Wade  (
Vice Chairman: Jane Singh
Co-Secretaries: Ashley Addison & Annette Mack
Agendas & Minutes